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Thank you very much. The species is a very common monitor lizard occurring in large parts of Asia. Water monitors love to dig underground tunnels. They are active and smart. Here we hope to contribute to quality husbandry with reptile supply recommendations and tips. If you are very lucky they do. The African fat-tailed gecko is a reptile we recommend all the time. Their range extends from the eastern coast of India all the way to the coast of China. Not only that, but their long lifespan will allow you to form quite a bond! Therefore, once the water is replaced the majority of cleanup is completed. A bite from an eight foot, 150 monitor is going to be potentially very serious. They’re found as far north as Northeast India and all the way down to the insular regions of Southeast Asia. Make sure that the hides are sturdy and safe. When you are designing this part of your enclosure, make sure to give them lots of vertical space. Hatchlings will start out at about 10 inches long and will potentially grow several feet in a single year under optimal conditions. Malayan Water Monitor, Asian Water Monitor, Common Water Monitor, Water Monitor, Two-banded Monitor, Ring Lizard, Plain Lizard, Rice Lizard, No-mark Lizard, 1.5 – 2m; largest specimen recorded is 3.21m, Around 19.5 kg; heaviest specimens weigh more than 50 kg, Blackish or dark brown, under part consists of yellow spots, Sri Lanka, India, Indochina, the Malay Peninsula, islands of Indonesia.

Adult T- and T+ water monitors look nearly identical as adults in most cases, but a distinguishing characteristic that separates the two is eye color. What you often see is that the parasites or ticks are too much for them and they die. The immense size of an adult water monitor is simultaneously one of the most impressive and most challenging aspects of their care.

They are adept swimmers. This quickly turned into a deep passion for these animals that she has to this day. Despite their hardy appearance, the Asian water monitor can fall victim to a number of different health issues.

They need a certain basking temperature to be able to activate their digestive enzymes. Water Monitor Enclosure ideas So I am looking into the idea of getting a water monitor, and am trying to plan out what I want to eventually do for the enclosure. The next day the pool was full of long white worms. Captive propagation has resulted in some of the most impressive color mutations available, and the future of combining these mutations is still ahead of us. However, you still need to exercise caution even if your monitor is very used to you. In captivity, this extreme intelligence has allowed keepers to socialize our animals and establish relationships that previously weren’t considered possible. The female often start to lay eggs by them selfs around 1,5 year or older. It took hours, after that we gave them something for the worms and parasites. We have bought wild caught several times because we had no choice.
As a monitor gets bigger, it stops being totally insectivorous, and it will enjoy trying whole prey items such as rodents, fish and poultry.

You’re also going to want to add a large water area to the enclosure, but we’ll be discussing this in more detail later on in the care sheet.

The lifespan of an Asian water monitor is around 15 years. They use their strong sense of smell to locate potential meals. One place said start off the babies in a small tank and put them in a bigger one when they out grow it. This is important to add to your lizard food.Growing monitors can gradually be transitioned to whole prey items, such as appropriately sized rodents, fish, and poultry. Although Varanus salvator are considered a lowland species, they have been found at elevations as high as nearly 6000 feet above sea level. A large plastic tub can be used as a water reservoir, and it’s great if you can sort of dig a spot for it in the substrate of the enclosure. I want it to be an aesthetic feature of my house as well as being a more then adequate home for the monitor itself. Once your enclosure is set up and you are prepared for the task of feeding your urban dinosaur, it’s time to choose your water monitor. This will be the period of time when the most growth occurs and the diet needs to provide the necessary nourishment for extreme growth. What goes into the enclosure is just as important as the size of the space. Keeping the humidity at the proper level can be a bit tricky (especially in such a large enclosure).

All of their range lies in close proximity to the coast. Water monitor lizards are the world’s second largest monitor lizards found in south and Southeast Asia.

Let us know if you have any questions that weren’t covered in this care sheet. These massive lizards are no joke! Caution must be exercised when opting to use fragile decor like live plants, as such items can oftentimes be easily damaged even by a gentle giant. Because in 1,5 year they can be sexual mature and over 1 meter. So make sure the enclosure is insulated very well and has no cold spots. Most wild caught’s do not tame down at all. When you have a clutch of several babies you can compare brothers and sisters.
Ultimately, the adult size of a water monitor depends on several factors including their genetics, locality, diet, and husbandry parameters. They can make a real mess of the water. Captive breeding has allowed us to pair the hallmark of a tame manageable monitor with the undeniable beauty of morphs and selective breeding, making them one of the most impressive and rewarding animals available to keepers. Also what medium would be used, wood, plastic? The water you can heat up to 28/30 degrees also. Females lay their eggs in rotting vegetation, usually logs or tree stumps. In addition to gut loading, it is also important that insects are dusted with a calcium/Vitamin D3 supplement before being offered to the lizard. In 6 months they are 60cm+. Press J to jump to the feed. Asian water monitors are very intelligent and curious creatures that enjoy being given the space that will allow them to live as natural a life as possible. It is constructed from industrial aluminum profile frame and oak plywood, sealed with Minwax policrilyc. Intelligence is undoubtedly a hallmark of the monitor lizard; millions of years of evolution has armed water monitors with the intelligence to adapt and survive in a myriad of environments.

Make sure that if you have a female, the subtrate is at least is 50cm deep. Therefore, ambient temperatures in their enclosures should be maintained in the low to mid 80º Fs. Read on to learn about the Water Monitor. Read the following sections to learn all the details about proper Asian water monitor care. Unless you have the means to care for a 10 ft. long reptile, you should not choose this animal as a pet. And if you’re one of the bold reptile-lovers who is interested in owning this monitor as a pet, you’ve come to the right place.

The young monitors are fully independent at hatching. Ultrasounding takes the guesswork out of breeding. The successful expansion of this semi-aquatic lizard can be credited to many of their unique adaptations, including their intelligence and size. Especially baby water monitors from the wild.

Your email address will not be published. Under de uv/basking spot it needs to be around 55/60 degrees. The longest water monitor on record was a specimen from Sri Lanka measuring an impressive 10.5 feet long! The ambient temperature within the enclosure should remain in the mid 80’s (Fahrenheit obviously). They have proven to be magnificent captives. And in the end it makes them less stressed. In fact, caution needs to be taken if you do try to handle your monitor. Since these lizards love to be in the water, you will also need to include a very large DIY water source. They love to soak in water, and they need enough to be able to fully submerge themselves.

This claim has to be looked at in perspective because the Asian water monitor will never be a pet that enjoys a lot of handling (more on that later). This is why it is important to be prepared for the commitment of keeping a large carnivore that will require a lot of space and food.

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