benign fasciculation syndrome stories

Btw i forgot to say than i made Lyme Borelia test and it's negative ,because i thinked it's lyme ,i will repeat the test ,because i hear some test dont show up positive from frist one .I dont remeber to be bit by a tik never 100% but if i read some ppl they dont remeber that ,hope all good to us ,and i hope my problems are BFS with the GOOD help .. Hi Mein, THanks for sharing your story. Good luck with the neuro, and hopefully everything works out for the best. I don’t know but maybe this medication would help others struggling with BFS. During my participation in athletics, cramping was a chronic problem. Hi William, Interesting how every doctor has that "Just live it" mentality. I sleep OK but can remain brain tired all or most of the day.These are strange creatures, these bodies we inhabit.

Type in headache into the internet and you probably won't get brain tumour. But I think I have had some sort of issue as a youth and other triggers have made it worse over time. Dear PT Bohan, I am a doctor who has spent the past 48hours panicking about a persistent twitch in my right thumb, and retrospectively, a possibly associated resting tremor in the right hand that disappears on movement. This often causes muscle twitching (along with about 30 other symptoms). Hi Jill,Klonopin is a common drug used by BFS patients. I was told a couple of years ago that I have some degeneration of the disks in my neck. Hi Craig, most people do not have a 100% clean EMG.

Today, at age 73 and still very active, I keep it to a minimum with potassium gluconate (about 6 a day.) So I'm going to work hard over the next few months at getting some bend in my spine and getting the muscles around my back freed up a bit. It has been almost 2 years since my twitching started. It is what it is and I am trying not to complain about it but to fight it. Thank god I still sleep pretty sound still, only awakened with 'jerks' mabey a few times so far. Results: 34.4% were female. I’ll share the comment I made on another inquiry. The buzzing is the most insane symptom for me. Do I have reason to worry? The pain and twitches subside considerably after a bottle of wine. He has probably diagnosed dozens of ALS patients. My magnesium levels are finally better after going off gluten and supplementing with CALM. Please advise! A year later I saw a third neurologist because my symptoms continued to get worse and I became more exercise intolerant. "Hypoglossal nerve palsy" Ivan WC Tsui, David PN Chan, Hong Kong Med J, vol. Great website PTI have found it truly to be a saviour in my dark moments and there have been many of those in past three months. In addtion, they are now present in my hamstrings/glutes and quads just above me knees. The onset occurred 2 1/2 weeks after he left and in those weeks and even the weeks leading up to his disappearance, I wasn’t sleeping, wasn’t eating, an emotional mess with no outlet. I do agree laying around and resting causes pain and stiffness so I think I may try lite workout. This something that I have never felt before.

That was the only symptom until mid May when I started having all over body twitching in addition to the eyelid. Clean EMG lower, upper showed carpal tunnel. Hi Beshara, I hope to update statistics in the next few months. Several doctors with BFS have posted on my site thanking me for my help. In other words, every person is different. I can do everyday/normal activities, it hasnt affected me in that way, and when i dont think about the tweetching, the symptoms are not so obvious or intense.Its been 8 years, im guessing that if its parkinsons disease, ALS or MS, i should be in a really bad shape, but not at all.. i can run, move my arms and legs with no problem, i dont fall or lose my balance... its all about the tweetching, but i've never had an EMG or MRI, i'm too scared.. Many people try dozens of things and find little or no relief. Submitted comments are subject to editing and editor review prior to posting.

I left a comment here not too long ago. For almost 4 years, I've been through just about everything you have (same tests, same diagnosis), except lately I have so many aches and pains that the doctor just declared me as having fibromyalgia, too, which opens up more medicine therapies.

I got pregnant in August so I know it isn't connected. People with BFS do go insane because they cannot rest, or sleep and the muscle activity literally drives them insane. William bertolluci, did you have any quinolone antibiotics to treat your sinus infection.

Seeing a Neuro is probably the best next step.

It is something that I've never felt before. Background: Benign fasciculations are common in the general population, occurring in about 70% of healthy individuals. All of these of course was to eliminate ALS ,MS etc.

I also feel something like you, sometimes wake up in the night to go to the bathroom and my hands feel weak and sometimes the feet.

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